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Brian Warner, Fetch & Release and Renee Hayes, The Dog Wizard Louisville

Owner of Fetch & Release | Extreme Dog Lover

"Like most of us, I have been a dog lover my entire life. I started digging into training about two years ago as a hobby, and it developed into a desire to be a part of the dog world.  My lovely wife, Renee, who owns “The Dog Wizard Louisville” allowed me to see the impact training can have on a dog and their family. I wanted to build an enrichment experience that would provide the best quality care during and after training. 

I’m a firm believer that if more of us were like dogs, the world would be a better place.  And yes we have 10 dogs!”


Meet The Team

Meet the Team
Brian Warner Fetch & Release

Owner | Human 

Brian Warner

Total sucker for puppy dog eyes, so he gets pushed around by the employees! All too comfortable repeating the phrase "Yes, we have 10 dogs."

Winston Fetch & Release

President of PR | Golden Retriever 


Winston is the pleaser of all! Due to his docile demeanor he’s our go to for helping shy dogs gain confidence. He’s the company "Eeyore" and is always up for a nap or snack!

Rhonda Fetch & Release

Payroll Manager | Pit Mix


An absolute sweetheart… until she’s not. As with most payroll managers, staying on her good side is in everyone’s best interest. She LOVES her circle fiercely and is commonly called Miss Wiggles with a tail that never stops. She’s a muzzle activist and has been able to blossom socially in a safe way!

Guppy Fetch & Release

Head of HR | Black Lab


Little Guppy the Puppy is assumed to be a puppy, yet she’s already a year and a half! She, of petite perfection, couldn’t be better suited for HR. Everyone loves her and she follows the rules, most of the time. A daddy’s girl who plays the role of teacher's pet well. She’s a patient player suited for just about anyone, and is the definition of Work Hard, Play Hard. 

Amigo Fetch & Release

Head of Sales | Belgian Malinois


Amigo is a fun loving guy and quite literally a ball of energy. Parkour is his favorite past time and he doesn’t slow down unless it's to give a hug. This rough and rowdy boy can be too much for some, but for us he’s just not enough! 

Papaw Fetch & Release

IT Manager | Yellow Lab


Quiet and reserved, he loves to study. Papaw, being Seven’s big brother, is proof sometimes siblings are nothing alike! When it comes to new people, he’s a classic introvert needing some time to warm up. He can be nervous about new places and things, but once he opens up you’re his best friend!

Brego Fetch & Release

Resident GM | German Shepherd


At about 10 years old and the poor guy just keeps getting pulled out of retirement! He enjoys the title of “fun police” during play, and is heeded by ALL his siblings. 

Tippy Fetch & Release

Operations Manager | Border Collie


The hardest worker on staff, Tippy is Mr. Dependable without a doubt! He's one of the most loving dogs who never meets a stranger - canine or human! He’s a great resource in social groups by reading the other dogs and then communicating to us how to help them. He's a great helper!

Arlo Fetch & Release

Marketing Director | Dalmatian


Arlo’s a good looking guy and he knows it! He’s the “face” of things around here, and acts too cool for school unless mom is around. Brian commonly jokes that Arlo would step in front of a bullet for Renee, yet won’t “sit” for him. He’s a stable and energetic addition to any play group! 

Rue Fetch & Release

GM in Training | Dutch Shepherd


As her breed may suggest, Rue is all business and has minimal patience for shenanigans. She got the job because her mom married the boss, and no one’s a fan. She could care less about the opinions of others and don’t bother trying to talk to her about it… she doesn’t understand English. 

Seven Fetch & Release

Event Planner | Chocolate Lab


The seventh addition to our family, and one of the sweetest. Seven is rambunctious, loving, and is always in a good mood. All the siblings love her, and they’re happy to attend any event she plans!

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Just kidding, I think 10 is enough. Unless?

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